Nadine deLange works in the Art of Marbling. This process involves the capturing of an intricate pattern from the surface of a liquid. The Marbler creates these patterns by applying and manipulating colors on the liquid's surface until the desired pattern is established. The pattern is then caught permanently when the silk is laid onto the surface of the patterned liquid. After Each piece the artist must start again insuring that each piece is One of a Kind.

Nadine specializes in unique patterns and colors that differ from traditional Marbling. You will see some traditional "combing" but many pieces are marbled 2 or 3 times, creating rich textures and dramatic 3 dimensional effects that can never be recreated. Pairing these designs on textured or already printed silk make the combinations limitless.

The craft has it's roots in the Middle and Far East and these methods were also used throughout Renaissance Italy by bookbinders. Nadine has combined the ancient craft with contemporary color and design, which remain timeless.

Nadine de Lange began designing neckwear more than fifteen years ago. Working in the fashion industry, studying art in Europe and then 4 years at Ryerson University, Nadine has mastered the union of color and style. Marrying the ancient technique of seaweed marbling with her passion for color gives these distinctive products a life of their own.

Each piece is painted individually, creating deep colors and rich subtle textures. My designs are like little vignettes of color: a painting cropped to capture a moment in time de Lange products are made of 100% silk using top quality construction.

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