Best color tie to wear in an interview!

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Nadine Delange | 0 Comments

Put The Interviewer At Ease With Green, Send The Message That You're Unique With Purple or Yellow, But Please Don't Wear Orange

"In terms of projection, your appearance tells more about you than what you say or how you say it," says New York image and style expert Carol Davidson. "And out of all of the elements of your wardrobe, color speaks first."

Green is a color often associated with a sense of calm and wellbeing, as well as wealth and prosperity. Davidson says it’s a good choice for an accent color as it will not only put the interviewer at ease, it will send a message of possibility and growth.

For more creative environments, Davidson suggests wearing a color that pops such as purple or yellow: "Purple sends a message of being artistic and unique, while yellow signifies optimism and creativity," she says.

Orange, however, topped the CareerBuilder list for the worst color, with 25% of employers saying it was the color most likely to be associated with someone who is unprofessional.


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