Brace Yourself

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Nadine Delange | 0 Comments

It’s time to rethink suspenders. Just the word conjures up thoughts of Steve Urkel from Family Matters when you should be thinking of Leo DiCaprio as Gatsby.

The Brits call them braces, cafe cuties call them awesome. You fine sir, may call on them any time you desire to bring a sharp edge to your ensemble. In a sea of belt cinched waists, properly worn suspenders distinguish your style. Their primary function is to keep your pants up but their placement and contrast with your shirt take things up a sartorial notch. Prepare to transition from fitting in to standing out. The suspenders look is bold yet sophisticated, classic yet hip and undeniably suave.

With belts, you know the drill. Wear one that doesn’t match your shoes and fashion police sirens blare. Wear one right and no one cares. Ever since you retired programmable LED and cowboy sized buckles, belts have been little more than a stylistic afterthought. Suspenders, however, open up a whole new sartorial world.



Even practical dressers can’t deny the beyond-aesthetic gifts of donning a set of suspenders. In fact, the look is simply icing on your beefcake when you consider the benefits of comfort, adjustability and durability.


GET THE SKINNYconnecting points  

After years of strapping a belt on your horizontal, going vertical is certain to seem edgy. But donning a set of suspenders doesn’t mean you have to chuck all of your belts. Think of them as another sharp arrow in your style quiver and let it fly (and be fly). Start with a solid color like navy, that will match just about anything you wear and let your confidence in the look grow from there. But really, brace yourself, anyone with the slightest bit of attraction to you won’t be able to keep themselves from getting close and giving the elastic in your straps a tug. Be ready to stand your ground and enjoy your look in a whole new old school way.

Have you been rocking the suspenders already? How have people reacted? Leave a comment below.

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